About us

We started our journey by designing and manufacturing CNC milling machines. Sourcing parts such as stepper motors, stepper motor drivers and mechanical components were always difficult and in short supply, especially when we needed them the next day. Having a trusted local supplier was just a wish.

We encountered many individuals, companies and other organizations who, like us, needed components for their CNC machines or other projects and who were dealing with the same problems of not having a local, trusted supplier. That's why we decided to start a company whose mission will be to provide local customers with quality CNC and automation components at affordable prices.

Tadej Grobelšek, founder of NKX Motor

Our mission and goal

We are committed to providing quality electronic and mechanical components in the field of CNC machines and automation, as well as offering support to our customers during the planning and production of their solutions. 

Working time

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  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Technical help

  • Whatsapp: 24/7
  • Email: 24/7
  • Telephone: Monday - Friday from 16:00 to 21:00 CET

E-mail address:

  • info@nkxmotor.si

Web page:

  • www.nkxmotor.si


  • +386 (0)64 226 111


Company information

NKX Motor, stepper motor sales, Tadej Grobelšek sp

Celovška cesta 85

1000 Ljubljana


Bank account: SI56 0284 3026 3749 388 / Nova Ljubljanska banka / SWIFT: LJBASI2X

ID: 8874387000

Tax number: 35152613