BLDC-8015A Brushless DC Motor Driver for 24VDC Nema17 Motors 4000RPM max 15A


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The BLDC-8015A brushless DC motor driver is designed for 3-phase Nema 17 brushless DC motors, which detect the position of the rotor with Hall sensors, voltage 24VDC, maximum revolutions 4000RPM and rated current up to 15A.

BLDC-8015A Brushless DC Motor Driver and its Features

  • SPWM driving mode
  • 60°/300°/120°/240° electric angle adjustment of brushless DC motor
  • Speed regulation: with potentiometer/analog/PWM
  • Output for speed and alarm
  • Protection against excessive current, voltage, stall


BLDC-8015A, User Manual

  • Electrical parameters
Power 24 VDC
Output current Nominal 15A, max 45A (≤ 3s)
Driving mode SPWM
Insulation resistance > 500 MΩ
Dielectric strength 500 V/min
Weight 300 g
  • Environmental parameters
Cooling Passively
Environment Keep away from oils, dust and acids
Temperature 0 °C – +50 °C
Humidity < 80 % RH
Vibrations 5.7 m/s2 max

Speed control

The method of regulating the rotation speed is determined by selecting the SW2 switch:

  • SW2 On: the speed is regulated with a potentiometer
  • SW2 Off: the speed is regulated by an analog signal or PWM
SW2 Function Speed control Description Flow
HE RV CW - speed increase, CCW - speed decrease
OFF AVI 0-5 V analog signal 0-5V ≤ 5 mA
OFF AVI PWM 1 kHz duty cycle

If we use an AVI terminal, then it is necessary to turn the potentiometer to the minimum (that is, counter-clockwise)

Run/Stop (ENBL)

The ENBL terminal on the BLDC-8015A brushless DC motor driver is used when we want to control the Run/Stop of the brushless DC motor. Connecting ENBL to GND enables rotation. Otherwise, stop the engine.

CW/CCW rotation direction

The F/R terminal is used to determine the direction of rotation. We connect the F/R terminal to GND for CCW rotation direction, otherwise the rotation direction will be CW.

BRK engine brake

The BRK terminal is used to quickly stop the motor. The brushless motor will stop in 50ms. Attention: The inertia of the load must not exceed 2x the inertia of the motor, otherwise an alarm will be triggered in the driver. If we connect the BRK terminal to GND, the motor will stop suddenly.

Setting the electric angle

With the switch SW1, we set different electrical angles, according to the specifications of the brushless motor.

SW1 Description
HE 120° or 240° hall signal
OFF 60° or 300° hall signal

Motor rotation speed (SPEED output terminal)

The pulses generated by the driver are proportional to the speed of the motor.

Motor speed=60 x SPEED (pulse rate) / ppr

ppr (pulses per revolution) = number of motor poles x 6

BLDC-8015A Brushless DC Motor Driver

Alarm output (ALM terminal)

The BLDC-8015A brushless DC motor driver will enter the safe mode and stop driving the brushless motor in case of over current, over voltage, short circuit, motor stop. In these cases, an alarm signal will be triggered on the ALM terminal. We connect the ALM output as shown in the picture above.

Connection diagram

BLDC-8015A Brushless DC Motor Driver


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