Brushless DC motor Nema17 4000RPM 5.7A 24VDC 78W

Key Features:
  • Number of Poles: 8
  • Number of phases: 3
  • Rated voltage: 24 VDC
  • Rated speed: 4000 ±10% RPM
  • Rated torque: 0.188 Nm
  • Nominal current: 5.70 A
  • Power: 78 W
  • Motor length: 79 mm


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42BLF03 is a 3-phase brushless DC motor Nema17 (brushless DC motor - BLDC) with rotation speed 4000RPM, current 5.7A, voltage 24VDC and power 78W.

General about brushless DC motors (brushless DC motor - BLDC)

Brushless DC motors work on the same principle of magnetic attraction and repulsion as brushed DC motors, but they are built slightly differently. Instead of a mechanical commutator and brushes, the magnetic field of the stator rotates using electronic commutation. This requires the use of active control electronics.

In a brushless motor, the rotor has permanent magnets attached to it, and the stator has windings. Brushless motors can be made with the rotor on the inside or with the rotor on the outside of the windings (sometimes called an “outrunner” motor).

The number of windings used in a brushless motor represents the number of phases. Although brushless motors can be made with different numbers of phases, three-phase brushless motors are the most common.

The three windings of a brushless motor are connected in a “star” or “delta” configuration. The 42BLF03 motor has a star configuration.

Brushless DC motor Nema17 4000RPM 5.7A 24VDC 78W

Three-phase brushless DC motors can be made in different magnetic configurations called poles. The simplest 3-phase motors have two poles: the rotor has only one pair of magnetic poles, one north and one south. Motors can also be made with more poles, which requires more magnetic sections in the rotor and more windings in the stator. A higher number of poles can provide higher performance, although very high speeds are better achieved with a lower number of poles.

How do we drive a brushless DC motor?

To drive a three-phase brushless DC motor, we need to change the voltage on each phase in a certain sequence. To achieve this, three “half bridge” driver circuits are used, each of which consists of two switches. The switches can be bipolar transistors, IGBTs or MOSFETs depending on the voltage and current required.

This brushless DC motor is compatible with BLDC-8015A brushless DC motor driver and 24V power supply (150W or 200W).


Serial model 42BLF03
Number of Poles 8
Number of phases 3
Rated voltage 24 VDC
Rated speed 4000 ± 10% RPM
Rated torque 0.188 Nm
Nominal current 7.8 A
Power output 78 W
Maximum torque 0.75 Nm
Maximum current 18 A
Torque constant 0.036 Nm/A
Back EMF 3.8 V/Krmp
Motor length 79 mm
Motor weight 0.58 kg
The importance of wires +5V – red

HALL U – yellow

HALL V – green

HALL W – blue

GND – black

PHASE U – yellow

PHASE V – green

PHASE W – blue

Wiring type star
Hall Effect angle 120°
Electrical angle Insulation B
Temperature range -20℃ ~ +50℃
Insulation resistance 100MΩ Min. 500V DC
DC Dielectric Strength 500V AC 1 minute



Number of Poles


Number of phases


Rated voltage

24 VDC

Rated speed

4000 ±10% RPM

Rated torque

0.188 Nm

Nominal current

5.70 A


78 W

Maximum current

18 A

Maximum torque

0.75 Nm

Back EMF

3.8 V/Krmp

Motor length

79 mm


ACT Motor


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