PET braided cable sheath

Key Features:
  • Width: 10mm, 6mm, 14mm, 4mm, 8mm


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  • Material: polyester
  • Color: Black
  • Temperature range: –50°C ~ +125°C
  • Application: protection and bundling of wires and cables

Various widths of braided cable sheath are available. Select the appropriate width from the drop-down list next to the price of the item. The width shown represents the width of the wrapper when it is flattened. When a cable is inserted into the braided sheath, the sheath can expand to almost double its width:

width 4 mm –> 4-8 mm wide

width 6 mm –> 6-10 mm wide

width 8 mm –> 8-14 mm extended

width 10 mm –> 10-16 mm extended

width 14 mm –> 14-22 mm extended

How to order a custom length?

The length of one piece is 1 m. You can choose any length of the wrap by choosing the number of pieces. For example, if you choose 3 pieces, you get a 3 meter long wrap in one piece.



10mm, 6mm, 14mm, 4mm, 8mm




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