Sheathed cable Lapp ÖLFLEX CLASSIC 110 CY

Key Features:
  • Brand: Lapp
  • Number of wires and cross-section: 2×0.5mm2, 4×1.0mm2, 4×1.5mm2


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ÖLFLEX CLASSIC 110 CY sheathed cable from the company Lapp. Unlike unshielded cables, shielded cables are used to protect power and data paths from degradation caused by exposure to electromagnetic interference during power and data transmission. These interferences affect the operation of the circuits and in some cases can prevent them from working properly. When transferring data, these effects can range from an increase in errors to complete data loss.

The sheathed cable works by reducing the range and intensity of all types of electrical noise and electromagnetic interference and the negative effects they have on transmission.

Sheathed cable is necessary to reduce and prevent all effects of electromagnetic interference and other hazards that occur in busy industrial work environments.



Manufacturer Lapp
Wire type knitted
Wire material Cu
Number of wires different
Cross section of individual wire different
Wire markings Black numbered wires and ground wire
Coat Tinned braided mesh
Wire insulation material PVC
Insulation color transparent
Rated voltage 300V/500V
Type of material no flame spread (IEC 60332-1-2)
Working temperature -40...80°C
Resistance To most chemical substances
Flexibility class 5
Cable outer diameter see “ÖLFLEX CLASSIC 110 CY.pdf” above
CPR standard Eapprox

How to order a custom length?

The length of one piece is 1 m. You can choose any cable length by selecting the number of pieces. For example, if you choose 3 pieces, you get a 3 meter long cable in one piece.



Number of wires and cross-section

2×0.5mm2, 4×1.0mm2, 4×1.5mm2




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