4-axis CNC control board MACH3 USB 100Khz (breakout board)

Key Features:
  • Dimension: 81 * 77 * 31 mm
  • Number of axles: 4
  • Input pulse frequency: 0~100kHz

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Package Contents:

1 x 4-axis CNC control board MACH3 USB 100Khz (breakout board)
1 x USB cable


  • It supports 4-axis connection, you can connect four stepper motors or servo motors for a CNC machine
  • It has strong anti-interference ability, the interface of the frequency converter is isolated from the computer and the main control circuit.
  • The maximum pulse frequency is 100KHz, which is suitable for a servo or stepper motor
  • Supports autoprobe tool
  • Supports emergency login
  • It supports limit switches
  • Support for connecting an electronic handwheel
  • You must use an external power supply when using the outputs or inputs 12-24 VDC, to isolate USB and external ports to make the system more stable. Only a USB power supply is enough to control the stepper motors.
  • You have 0-10V output port, you can use Mach3 software (PWM mode and relay mode) to control spindle motor speed.
  • 4 inputs for general use, you can connect limit switches, emergency switch, z-probe switch and other devices
  • 4 general-purpose isolated output interfaces, can drive four relays to control spindle start, motor forward and reverse rotation, pump and other devices
  • 1 status light, indicates the connection status on the board

The product comes with a user manual detailing how to operate the MACH3 USB 100Khz 4-axis CNC control board with Mach3 and how to connect the card to stepper motors, handwheel, spindle, z-probe, etc. 

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81 * 77 * 31 mm

Number of axles


Input pulse frequency





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