Stepper motor speed regulator/controller 8~24VDC

Key Features:
  • Brand: Makerbase
  • Input voltage: 8~24VDC
  • Output pulse frequency: 80Hz~160kHz
  • Modus operandi: PWM or pulse generator


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Features of the stepper motor speed regulator/controller:

The stepper motor speed regulator/controller allows for very easy speed control stepper motor. The module allows common-anode and common-cathode connection mode with the stepper motor driver.

The stepper motor speed regulator/controller enables two modes of operation, which can be selected with the jumper position:

  • As a pulse generator to control the speed of a stepper motor. The module has outputs for pulse (PUL), direction (DIR) and enable (ENA) which are compatible with most stepper motor drivers. All outputs emit a 5V signal. Important: We cannot directly drive a stepper motor with this stepper speed controller, we need to connect it to a stepper motor driver. We have three frequency ranges available, which can be selected using a jumper:
    • low frequency range: 80Hz ~ 2.4kHz
    • mid frequency range: 540Hz ~ 16.6kHz
    • high frequency range: 5.4kHz ~ 160kHz
  • Pulse width modulation (PWM) mode

If we need more complex control for our system, then it should be used PLC or microcontroller

How do we use the module?

The module is powered by 8~24VDC. We have 2 jumpers. With the first one, we choose between the modes of operation as a pulse generator and PWM. When we use the module as a pulse generator, we select the operating frequency range with another jumper. Use the potentiometer to set the desired pulse frequency in pulse generator mode or pulse width in PWM mode. The module has two buttons, namely for controlling the direction of rotation of the stepper motor and turning on/off the stepper motor driver via the Enable pin.

The connection diagram of the stepper motor speed regulator/controller, stepper motor driver and stepper motor is shown in the following video:




Input voltage


Output pulse frequency


Modus operandi

PWM or pulse generator




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