Laser Tree LT-40W-AA module 5W optical power 12VDC

Key Features:
  • Brand: Laser Tree
  • Optical power: 5 W
  • Tension: 12 VDC


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The total power of the Laser Tree LT-40W-AA module is 40 W, and the optical power of the laser is 5 W. The point of the laser beam in focus is 0.03*0.13 mm in size.

Package Contents:

  • Laser Tree LT-40W-AA module
  • Adpater control board
  • Spacers for adjusting the focus distance depending on the thickness of the material
  • Magnetic housing of the laser for eye protection
  • Protective lens
  • 3-pin input cable

Advantages of the Laser Tree LT-40W-AA module

  • AIR FLOW: Equipped with “L” type high pressure air nozzle to improve cutting efficiency and reduce burn marks.
  • BEAM COMPRESSED SPOT: The result is a 0.03*0.13 mm laser spot in focus.
  • PROTECTIVE LENS DESIGN: When the lens is damaged or after prolonged use, it can be disassembled and replaced to restore cutting ability. This greatly extends the lifetime of the laser.
  • WIDE COMPATIBILITY: The laser module is compatible with many brands of laser engraving and cutting machines, such as ATOMSTACK, ORTUR, NEJE, Sculpfun, etc.
  • MAGNETIC EYE PROTECTION: With a protective cover, it can effectively filter out blue light when engraving or cutting, providing safety and convenience.


Model LT-40W-AA
Optical power 5 W (± 0.5 W)
Input voltage and current 12VDC 1.8A
Wave lenght 450 nm (± 10 nm)
Focal length 45 mm
Spot size of the laser beam 0.03*0.13 mm
Fan rotation speed 9000 RPM
Interface XH2.54-3P
Operating temperatures 0-60 °C
Module size 40x40x141 mm
Weight 255 Mr
Usage Engraving or cutting

Instructions for use


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Laser Tree

Optical power

5 W


12 VDC


Laser Tree


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