Leadshine DM805-AI 80V 7.0A Stepper Motor Driver with Oscillator

Key Features:
  • Brand: Leadshine
  • Power supply: 20~80VDC
  • Maximum current: 5.0 A (RMS)
  • Microstep resolution: up to 12800 pulses/rev
  • Input pulse frequency: 0~200kHz
  • Working temperature: < 70 °C


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The company's DM805-AI Leadshine Technology Co., Ltd.  is a stepper motor driver with built-in oscillator based on the latest digital control algorithm. It brings a unique level of smoothness of movement, ensures optimal torque and eliminates mid-range instability. The technology of motor self-testing and automatic parameter setting offers optimal performance of various stepper motors. Thus, stepper motors work with less noise, less heating and smoother movement.

With a wide input voltage range of 20 ~ 80 VDC and a maximum current of 5.0 A RMS, it is compatible with two-phase stepper motors from Nema 17 and up to Nema 34.

Three built-in potentiometers are used to preset and adjust speed, acceleration and deceleration. In mode 0-5 V speed mode the motor speed is controllable and follows the analog input 0-5 V. In mode Low/HIGH speed mode motor speed is selected by digital input and adjusted by high/low speed potentiometers. In mode position mode the DM805-AI works as a traditional stepper motor driver with pulse and direction inputs. There is a 5V power supply in the driver, so we don't need an additional external power supply for input/output signals.

An example of using the DM805-AI stepper motor driver can be seen in the blog post: Stepper Motor Control with Leadshine DM805-AI

Key features

  • Anti-resonance, ensures optimal torque and eliminates the instability of the mid-range
  • Engine self-testing and automatic parameter setting technology enables optimal responses with different engines
  • Control methods: 0-5 V, built-in potentiometer or external pulses
  • Two preset speeds with built-in potentiometer
  • Preset acceleration/deceleration with built-in potentiometer
  • Speed control mode via analog 0-5V and position control mode via pulse
  • Due to the built-in pulse generator, we do not need an external motion controller
  • Supply voltage up to +80 VDC
  • Programmable output current from 0.3 A to 5.0 A (RMS)
  • TTL compatible and optically isolated digital inputs
  • Automatic current reduction
  • Protection against overvoltage, overcurrent

Specifications and instructions for use

DM805-AI User Manual

DM805-AI enables computer configuration and current settings, anti-resonance tuning via RS232 communication. However, the DM805-AI can function quite properly without it. The DM805-AI is fully configurable with switches on the chassis.

DM805-AI Software Manual

ProTuner Software


Power supply


Maximum current

5.0 A (RMS)

Microstep resolution

up to 12800 pulses/rev

Input pulse frequency


Working temperature

< 70 °C




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