Nema 17 stepper motor 28Ncm 1.3A + connector, D shaft

Key Features:
  • Brand: Cloudray
  • Step angle: 1.8 °
  • Rated current/phase: 1.3 A
  • Rated voltage: 2.94 V
  • Phase inductance: 2.8 mH
  • Phase resistance: 2.26 Ω
  • Holding torque: 28 Ncm
  • Shaft diameter: 5 mm
  • Motor length: 34 mm


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17CS03A-130E is a two-phase Nema 17 step motor 28Ncm 1.3A which has a step angle of 1.8° (200 steps/rev). A connector is included for easy installation. Each phase draws 1.3 A at 2.94 V. The motor has four color-coded wires for two coils.

How to connect Nema 17 stepper motor 28Ncm 1.3A with a driver?

As shown in the diagram below, there are four different colored wires viz. red, green, black and blue representing the two coils.

Nema 23 hybrid bipolar stepper motor

17CS03A-130E Nema17 Stepper Motor is compatible with the following drivers:

You are always welcome to contact us if you need help. We will be happy to help you.


Serial model 17CS03A-130E
A step 1.8 ± 5% ° / step
Rated voltage 2.94V
Nominal current 1.30 A / phase
Phase resistance 2.26 ± 10% ohm / phase
Phase inductance 2.80 ± 20% mH / phase
Holding torque 28 Ncm
Rotor inertia 41 g-cm²
Number of wires 4


Black: A+, Green: A-, Red: B+, Blue: B-

Shaft diameter 5.00 ± 0.012 mm, single D shaft
Motor length 34 mm
Motor weight 0.23 kg



Step angle

1.8 °

Rated current/phase

1.3 A

Rated voltage

2.94 V

Phase inductance

2.8 mH

Phase resistance

2.26 Ω

Holding torque

28 Ncm

Shaft diameter

5 mm

Motor length

34 mm




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