Nema 17 stepper motor 40Ncm + connector 1.7A, D shaft

Key Features:
  • Brand: ACT Motor
  • Step angle: 1.8 °
  • Rated current/phase: 1.7 A
  • Rated voltage: 2.55 V
  • Phase inductance: 2.8 mH
  • Phase resistance: 1.5 Ω
  • Holding torque: 40 Ncm
  • Shaft diameter: 5 mm
  • Motor length: 40 mm


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The 17HS4417L20P1-X2 is a two-phase Nema 17 step motor that has a step angle of 1.8° (200 steps/rev). It comes with a connector for easy installation. Each phase draws 1.7 A at 2.55 V, which enables a holding torque of 40 Ncm. The motor has four color-coded wires: black and green represent one coil; red and blue represent the other. 17HS4417L20P1-X2 stepper motor can control a pair of matching of H-bridges (one for each coil) but we recommend using it stepper motor driver.

How to connect Nema 17 stepper motor 40Ncm +connector with a driver?

As shown in the diagram below, there are four different colored wires viz. red, green, black and blue. The wires are connected to two different coils. Black and green are connected to one coil and red and blue to another. The logical sequence of power supply to the coils allows the motor to rotate.

Nema 23 hybrid bipolar stepper motor

You can use the following diagram to help you connect: 17HS4417L20P1-X2 DATASHEET

17HS4417L20P1-X2 Nema17 Stepper Motor is compatible with the following drivers:

You are always welcome to contact us if you need help. We will be happy to help you.


Speed-torque curve: speed-torque characteristic 17HS4417L20P1-X2

Serial model 17HS4417L20P1-X2
A step 1.8 ± 5% ° / step
Rated voltage 2.55V
Nominal current 1.70 A / phase
Phase resistance 1.50 ± 10% ohm / phase
Phase inductance 2.80 ± 20% mH / phase
Holding torque 40 Ncm
“Detent” torque 2.20 Ncm max
Rotor inertia 54 g-cm²
Number of wires 4


Black: A+, Green: A-, Red: B+, Blue: B-

Shaft diameter 5.00 ± 0.012 mm, single D shaft
Motor length 40 mm
Motor weight 0.28 kg

Possibilities of use

The Nema17 stepper motor is used in 3D printers, small CNC routers, and many robotic and animatronic applications.



Step angle

1.8 °

Rated current/phase

1.7 A

Rated voltage

2.55 V

Phase inductance

2.8 mH

Phase resistance

1.5 Ω

Holding torque

40 Ncm

Detent torque

2.2 Ncm

Shaft diameter

5 mm

Motor length

40 mm


ACT Motor


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