Nema 23 stepper motor 2.5Nm 3.0A

Key Features:
  • Brand: ACT Motor
  • Step angle: 1.8 °
  • Rated current/phase: 3.0 A
  • Rated voltage: 4.8 V
  • Phase inductance: 6.8 mH
  • Phase resistance: 1.6 Ω
  • Holding torque: 2.5 Nm
  • Shaft diameter: 8.00 ± 0.012 mm
  • Motor length: 112 mm


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The 23HS2430 is a two-phase Nema 23 stepper motor 2.5Nm with a step angle of 1.8° (200 steps/rev). Each phase draws 4.2A at 4.8V, giving a holding torque of 2.5Nm. The motor has four color-coded wires: black and green represent one coil, and red and blue represent the other.

Stepper motors convert electrical impulses into mechanical movement in steps. The rotation is directly related to the applied pulses. The sequence of pulses dictates the direction of rotation of the motor shaft, the frequency of the pulses determines the speed of rotation of the shaft, and the number of input pulses used is directly related to the distance of rotation.

The advantages of using stepper motors are many. Among other things, they have full torque at rest, and enable excellent response when starting and stopping. This stepper motor enables step accuracy up to 5% steps, ensuring accurate positioning and repeatability of movement. These features allow synchronous rotation at very low speeds and with the load directly connected to the stepper motor shaft.

This is a two-phase stepper motor, which is the most common type of stepper motor. They work on the basis of a changing magnetic field, which is formed by changing the direction of the current in the windings. Thus, the rotor rotates in step with the input pulses. Two-phase stepper motors are available in unipolar and bipolar versions. The 23HS2430 stepper motor is a bipolar version.

stepper motor unipolar bipolar

One of the main advantages of a bipolar stepper motor is that it provides more torque at low speeds compared to unipolar stepper motors. This means that bipolar stepper motors are best suited for applications that require high torque at low speeds.

How to connect Nema 23 stepper motor 2.5Nm with driver?

Bipolar stepper motors require a special driver circuit called an H bridge. Stepper motor (stepper motor) 23HS2430 is compatible with to the DM542 driver and 36 In switching power supplies.

As shown in the stepper motor wiring diagram, there are four wires of different colors viz. black, green, red and blue. These wires are connected to two different coils. Red and blue are connected to one coil and black and green to another. To rotate the motor, the coils are energized in a logical sequence.

Nema 23 hybrid bipolar stepper motor

You can use the following diagram to help you connect:


If you need help connecting, you can always contact us. We will be happy to help you.


Model 23HS2430
Frame size Nema 23
A step
Motor length
Rated voltage
Nominal current
(A / phase)
Phase resistance
Phase inductance
Holding torque
(Nm Min)
“Detent” torque
( Max)
Rotor inertia
Shaft Single round shaft
Shaft diameter
8.00 ± 0.012
Number of wires

Black A+, Green A-, Red B+, Blue B-

Motor weight



Step angle

1.8 °

Case size

Nema 23

Number of phases


Rated current/phase

3.0 A

Rated voltage

4.8 V

Phase inductance

6.8 mH

Phase resistance

1.6 Ω

Holding torque

2.5 Nm

Detent torque

6.5 Ncm

Rotor inertia

800 gcm²

Shaft diameter

8.00 ± 0.012 mm

Number of wires


Motor length

112 mm


ACT Motor


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