Nema 34 stepper motor 5.6A 8.4Nm

Key Features:
  • Brand: ACT Motor
  • Rated current/phase: 5.6 A
  • Rated voltage: 3.08V
  • Phase inductance: 5.5 mH
  • Phase resistance: 0.55 Ω
  • Holding torque: 8.5 Nm
  • Shaft diameter: 14 mm
  • Motor length: 116 mm


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The 34HS1456 Nema 34 is a two-phase stepper motor that has a step angle of 1.8° (200 steps/rev). Each phase draws 5.6A at 3.08V, giving a holding torque of 8.4Nm. The motor has four color-coded wires: red and green represent one coil; yellow and blue represent the other. We use a bipolar stepper motor driver to control the 34HS1456 stepper motor.

Nema 34 step motor 5.6Nm and its advantages:

  • High torque
  • Smooth movement
  • High efficiency
  • Energy saving
  • Low noise level
  • Minimal vibrations
  • High torque
  • Low starting current
  • Reliability.

How to connect 34HS1456 Nema 34 stepper motor with driver?

As shown in the wiring diagram, there are four wires of different colors viz. red, green, yellow and blue. These wires are connected to two different coils. Red and green are connected to one coil and yellow and blue to the other. To rotate the motor, the coils are energized in a logical sequence.

wiring Nema 34

  • For more information on how to connect this stepper motor to the DM860, click this link. 

If you need help connecting, you can always contact us. We will be happy to help you.

How to control Nema 34 stepper motor?

The stepper motor is controlled via the stepper motor driver with pulse and direction signals. These signals are generated by the PLC, microcontrollers or pulse generators. If we need a stepper motor for a CNC machine, we do motion controller.

Other related components

34HS1456 stepper motor Nema 34 is compatible with DM860 drivers and 68V 300W unregulated power supply or 60V 350W switching power supply. We can also use DM2522 driver that connects to mains power, so we don't need an additional power supply.

Check it out too L bracket for fixing the Nema 34 stepper motor to the base and jaw couplings to connect the motor axis with the rest of the system.

If we need an even higher torque, we can use it gearbox for Nema 34 stepper motor.


Speed-torque curve: 34HS1456_Speed-torque characteristics

Frame size Nema34
A step
Motor length
Rated voltage
Nominal current
(A / phase)
Phase resistance
Phase inductance
Holding torque
(Nm Min)
“Detent” torque
(N. cm Max)
Rotor inertia
Shaft Single shaft (double flat)
Shaft diameter
Shaft length
Number of wires 4

Red: A+, Green: A-, Yellow: B+, Blue: B-

Motor weight

Possibilities of use

NEMA 34 is a stepper motor that has a holding torque several times higher than Nema 23, so it is used in machines that require high torque.



Case size

Nema 34

Number of phases


Step angle

1.8 °

Rated current/phase

5.6 A

Rated voltage


Phase inductance

5.5 mH

Phase resistance

0.55 Ω

Holding torque

8.5 Nm

Detent torque

12.5 Ncm

Rotor inertia

2900 gcm²

Shaft diameter

14 mm

Number of wires


Motor length

116 mm


ACT Motor


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