Inductive proximity sensor PL-05N NPN 10-30VDC 5mm, Normal Open

Key Features:
  • Brand: OMCH
  • Type of operation: Inductive proximity sensor
  • Supply voltage: 10-30VDC (6-36VDC), pulse 10 % lower
  • Switching distance: 5 mm


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Inductive proximity sensor PL-05N NPN 10-30VDC and its properties

The PL-05N NPN 10-30VDC Inductive Proximity Sensor from OMCH can detect metal objects approaching the sensor without physical contact with the target. A coil in an oscillating circuit creates a high-frequency magnetic field. When the target approaches the magnetic field, an induction current ("eddy current") flows in the target due to electromagnetic induction. As the target approaches the sensor, the induction current increases, causing an increase in impedance in the oscillating circuit. Then the oscillation weakens or stops. The sensor detects this change in state of oscillation based on the change in the sensed amplitude.

Inductive proximity sensor PL-05N 5mm NPN

This sensor is of the "normal open" (NO) type, which means that the output is switched on only when the target enters the detection area. The output is in the normal state "off".


Model PL-05N NPN
Switching distance 5 mm ± 10 %
Switching output type NPN
Detected material Magnetic metal (detection distance is reduced for non-magnetic metal)
Switching frequency 0.5 kHz
Supply voltage 10-30VDC (6-36VDC), pulse 10 % lower
Consumption flow < 13mA
Max. output current at the protected output 300mA
Protection Reverse connection protection, output short circuit protection
Ambient temperature -30°C ~ 65°C
Ambient humidity 35 ~ 95 % relative humidity
Insulation impedance > 50 MΩ between power supply and chassis
Material Housing: ABS
Type of protection IP67
Description of wires blue: 0 VDC

brown: 10-30 VDC

black: output




Type of operation

Inductive proximity sensor

Supply voltage

10-30VDC (6-36VDC), pulse 10 % lower

Switching distance

5 mm


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